HVAC Annual Maintenance Plans

Maintaining your HVAC system will improve its efficiency, which will help to lower your monthly electric usage and reduce the risk of an unexpected system failure. In Central Florida our AC systems are given a work out and as your system gets older the chance of them breaking down slowly increases. The maintenance plans we offer are looking to keep the possibility of that happening as low as possible. By doing annual maintenance it allows us to make sure everything stays running as best it can. This type of approach can allow us to catch parts falling out of manufacture specification before they fully fail. This will prove to save you money in the long run as well as extend the life of your system. This plan would include everything from changing the air filter to performing a full system tune up and recommending any parts that need to be replaced if any are found. Our goal in this is to keep your homes system up and running with no down time or unexpected repairs. As always we welcome any questions or concerns about your system be mentioned or asked while our technicians are on site.


This maintenance plan is offered on 3 service intervals, annual, bi-annual, and quarterly. We are able to schedule these visits around your schedule.


Maintenance Coverage

  1. Check cooling/heating system for proper operation
  2. Replace air filter as needed
  3. Inspect general condition
  4. Tighten electrical connections at equipment
  5. Check and inspect start and contacts
  6. Test equipment control systems
  7. Test compressor protection device
  8. Check current draw of compressor.
  9. Check refrigerant operating pressure
  10. Check exposed equipment and pipes for leaks
  11. Check compressor function
  12. Check outdoor coil
  13. Check indoor coil
  14. Clean drain line
  15. Add drain line cleaner as needed

Additional services for Gas Furnace only:

  1. Test gas valve operation
  2. Test safety devices
  3. Test limit switch
  4. Test combustion draft motors
  5. Check pilot burner assembly for proper operation
  6. Check connection of vent pipe at furnace

Repairs and Maintenance

Still have questions....

Please feel free to reach out to our staff at any time and we will be happy to provide you with any assistance you need.